How We Work


How does the process begin? The way all relationships should begin: By listening to you. We immerse ourselves in who you are. We are all yours. We work from the premise that you know your business and your market far better than we do, so we ask questions, LOTS of questions.

We take time to answer our client questionnaire. We learn about you your goals, product, service, your business . We learn enough to give you a written proposal, a project estimate, and to simply see if we're a good working match.

Should we work together? If the answer is yes, we sign an agreement and schedule you in. Because a good 75% of our work is creating websites, we'll describe our site-building process here.

Project Implementation

Each step of project implementation requires Project Manager who manages the collaborative work of the team and communicates with the Client provinding reports based on results on each stage or on weekly basics.

1. Design

Based on Design, Requirements Specification and wireframes provided by Business Analyst, Web Designer creates 2 mockups of design. Client reviews and provides revisions for Designer to complete chosen home page design. After receiving approval from the Client, Designer prepares subpages.

2. HTML/Javascript Coding

HTML/JavaScript coder converts design to HTML code that is compatible with web browsers. The code meets W3C standards. Integration is also done by HTML Coder and depends on the used system for project development.

3. Development

At the stage of web development the core of the website is being developed.Custom projects are based on US Web Style CMS engine-Singular.We are proud to have high-load and quality development projects in Portfolio that extend our experience with each new challenge.

4. Quality Assurance and Tweaks

After the project is completed we need to check if the system works the right way according to standards. If necessary we implement small tweaks and fixes. Depending on a project we either do manual testing or perform automated testing using automated software to check load and stress performance.

5. Data Entry and Basic SEO

Every project requires filling with relevant information as well as optimization for search engines before launch. Our standard package lists free basic SEO including 12 operations: from adding meta-data to submitting website to search engines.

6. Project Launch

This is the final stage when the project goes live. We move project from test location to production server and do final testing as development and live servers can have a bit different settings.